PRIMROSE is a social network that lets users create and promote games, art, music, video and virtual clothing. Our app includes a built-in game engine which allows creators to make and publish multiplayer games with ease. Users can purchase and trade virtual clothing items for their avatar and wear them in any game on the platform.

Our goal is to create a consistent experience for both creators and players and build a platform where all kinds of content creators can be discovered and promote each other's content.

The Problem

The Solution

PRIMROSE is built for players by players, bringing a passion for the product and insight into what users truly desire.

For Creators

Our platform makes the process of creating multiplayer games easy. Our desktop app comes with a built-in game editor which anyone can use to create interactive game worlds with little or no coding experience. Games run on any platform regardless of the creator's operating system and publishing takes two clicks, with hosting, matchmaking and scaling handled automatically, for free. We also plan to bring multiplayer collaboration (ala Google Docs, Figma) to development, allowing groups of creators to work on a project concurrently.

For Players

Our platform puts discovery of gaming content in one place. Players looking to discover a new game to try can browse trending fan art or watch short-form gameplay videos and jump right into a game from there. Our platform will encourage a friendly network of cross-promotion between players, game devs, artists, musicians and video creators.

All games on the platform are built on the same engine & framework, which means users get a consistent experience

Target Audience

Our target demographic is teenagers to young adults (13-25). Users can be thought of as two groups, Creators who produce user-generated content, and Players who consume it. We want to inspire and make it easy for any player to become a creator and be discovered. Creator services like content hosting and server matchmaking will be provided for free, subsidised by the player economy - purchases of avatar items and in-game micro-transactions. This model incentives creators to use our platform and create content that in turn incentives user growth.

All user-generated content on the platform will be grouped by a rating based on content and themes (e.g. cartoon violence, gore), which users can choose to filter.

Our platform is set-up so that expanding with a curated kids-only version of the site (like YouTube Kids) could be possible in the future.

There is also future potential for providing an education package - our easy-to-use collaborative toolkit would make a good platform for introducing students to game development in a group setting.



Players will be able to purchase PRIMO, our in-game currency which can be used to buy virtual cosmetic items to equip on their avatar and use in any game on the platform. Creators can earn PRIMO by selling microtransactions in their games, or selling virtual clothing designs (think Teespring or Redbubble). Creators can then off-ramp their earned PRIMO into real fiat after earning a minimum amount.

PRIMROSE will also offer a premium membership subscription, providing additional features along with a monthly stipend of PRIMO.

As we grow we'll be able to expand with additional revenue streams such as advertising and sponsored promotional events.

Where We're At

PRIMROSE is currently under development. From a technical point of view, we're fairly close to MVP, and will be looking to hire a team of artists to build up an extensive catalog of clothing items and accessories before we launch. If you'd like to work with us see our job listings, or if you'd like to get a peek at the platform, see the gallery.


I'm Daniel Elam, and I'm the founder of PRIMROSE. I taught myself to code using ROBLOX when I was 9 and since then I've always had a passion for solving problems and creating things.

This project has being the culmination of 5 years learning about the ins and outs of game engine internals, full-stack web, and app development. While I'll have a lot to learn on this journey, I believe I'm now ready to build the platform I've been dreaming of.